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Essentially development involves stringent testing to ensure that your project will be a success. This can involve a wide range of tools depending on the client's requirements.

3D CAD and design sketches are typically used to clearly communicate design changes for verification to clients and suppliers. Our experienced designers have strong 3D sketching skills as well as formal 3D CAD training to a highly advanced level; from basic sketch models to complex surfacing.

We are able to source a wide variety of products with high quality at a low price. Whether you require components, parts, materials, 3D scanning, prototyping, tooling, or manufacturers we can help. Where possible we aim to use local suppliers and manufacturers to support local industries. For large scale manufacture we have an excellent working relationship with manufacturers in China, particularly with regards to injection mould tooling 

3D concept design sketches
3D CAD & illustrations
Simulation techniques
COSMOS simulation
Floworks simulation
3D scanning
Reverse engineering
Sourcing suppliers